Prevention is better than curing

Preventing injuries and protecting, improving and keeping football players healthy and fit is the biggest challenge for the Medical Staff of clubs or National teams. Our aim is to provide good-level medical services such as Clinics, Presentations, Club Tours or Tours by Medical Centers of Football associations.

Our medical staff is working hard to prevent or recover injuries. Experience and seeing the other methods could be a valuable key to protect your athletes.

We organize clinics, practical methods, and visits

  • Medical clinics for injury prevention or recovery methods and visit professional clubs or associations.
  • Training clinics for your movement or physical trainers to show the way how to build up the training or to prepare.

Training and recovery methods

If your coach is prepared well, then the player is prepared too. Systematic Training based on a good plan (Periodization) for 4, 6 or 8 weeks and even a yearly plan, will have a great impact on reducing the injuries. We call this method (The physical Periodozation Method).

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Our Medical Visits / Tours

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